Develop your skills

We work with you to design and develop personal impact and effectiveness programmes to meet your specific needs.

From individual coaching to small executive workshops and broader classroom courses; we can tailor skills sessions to different experience levels as required.

Develop your team

Whether you are a supervisor, team leader, middle or senior manager, our bespoke programmes are designed to help and inspire you to be a great leader and people manager.

We work both with people leaders developing their skills and with new and existing teams to enhance whole team performance.

Develop your organisation

Providing boutique consultancy services across a broad range of HR and business performance areas.

With global expertise in delivering learning management, human capital, talent management, employee engagement, organizational change, diversity and inclusion, global mobility and performance management advice.

To support organizations moving to a 70:20:10 learning approach we also provide consulting support for innovation, knowledge and collaboration projects.

Our areas of expertise

As all of our programmes are tailored to meet our client firms' specific needs we do not maintain a definitive catalogue of off the shelf courses. To get an indication of our areas of expertise we have developed a skills framework.

Partnering for success

A fresh perspective can often make the difference in successfully identifying and managing change in organisations. We can work with your in house HR team to identify areas for performance improvements, cost efficiencies or organisational development.

If you are struggling with rising overheads or employee retention you may well benefit from one of our reviews.